About The Sustainability Agenda Podcast


The Sustainability Agenda is a weekly podcast exploring today’s biggest sustainability questions. Leading sustainability thinkers offer their views on the biggest sustainability challenges, share the latest thinking, identify what’s working –and what needs to change — and think about the future of sustainability.

Our Team

Fergal Byrne, Executive Producer

Fergal is a seasoned researcher, writer and interviewer. A long-time contributor to The Financial Times, he has written many reports for the Economist Group,  and his writing has appeared in other newspapers including The Guardian, The Evening Standard and The LA Times. He also worked in research and production for British television (BBC and Channel 4). Fergal also hosts Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs, a popular podcast interviewing leading social entrepreneurs and innovators on the challenges and lessons building a successful social business, and The Drawdown Agenda, a podcast series based on the bestselling environmental book, Drawdown.

Liz Aderhold, Podcast Editor

Liz lives in Seattle, Washington, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the United States. After almost ten years as a User Experience Professional, she is taking some time to focus on parenting and volunteer work that fights for our planet. Some of her other volunteering includes work with Rethink Charity, Seattle Green Families, and The World is Fun. Liz has been an advocate of reducing one’s personal eco-footprint for over a decade and has a keen interest in the systemic approaches to sustainability. She has a Master of Science in Information from the University of Michigan.