Episode 136 COP26 SPECIAL Frédéric Hache from Green Finance Observatory: a critical analysis of carbon offsets and related market mechanisms

Episode 135 COP26 SPECIAL: Professor Mike Hulme talks about his expectations for COP26

Fascinating interview with Professor Mike Hulme on his expectations for COP26, the role and importance of the COPs, and the dangers of an overly scientific approach to climate change.

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Episode 134: Interview with Dr Genevieve Guenther on how fossil-fuel interests have manipulated language and the media to suppress support for climate action

In depth discussion of the powerful ongoing ways in which the fossil fuel industry influences communication about climate change-- preventing us from not only seeing the true problem of...

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Episode 133: Interview with Professor Daniel Aldrich on resilience and the importance of social capital in post-disaster recovery

Episode 132: Interview with Professor Katharine Hayhoe on how to have a conversation on the highly politicised and divisive subject of climate change

Atmospheric scientist and IPCC author Professor Katharine Hayhoe, a hugely effective communicator about climate change, explains why we need to talk about climate --and advises how to best do...

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Episode 131: Interview with French anthropologist Professor Philippe Descola on our relationship with nature

Leading French anthropologist Professor Philippe Descola explores man's relationship with nature--and suggests how we can, and must today, learn from other ways of connecting to nature--and move beyond the...

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