Episode 144: Interview with Kenyan conservationist Dr Mordecai Ogada on conservation trends in Kenya.

Hard-hitting interview with outspoken Kenyan ecologist and conservation writer Dr Mordecai Ogado. Deep dive on key trends in Kenyan conservation. Mordecai criticizes of impact of large sums of money coming into conservation Kenya, from abroad, which he sees having an overtly commercial impact on conservation in Kenya. One impact: substantial growth in “protected areas”—which Mordecai sees as being “rooted in violence and eviction and disenfranchisement.” Mordecai calls for the philosophy behind protected areas has to be looked at afresh. “Humans have always used landscapes have always used natural resources. The key is finding sustainable and more resilient ways of using these natural resources.” 


Dr Ogado is a carnivore ecologist and conservation writer who has been involved in conservation policy and practice for the last 18 years in Kenya and other parts of Africa, mainly focusing on human wildlife conflict mitigation, and carnivore and community-based conservation Wildlife Policy and wetlands ecology. He is currently the Executive Director of Conservation Solutions Africa, and natural resource management consultancy. He is the co-author of The Big Conservation Lie.