Episode 155: Art curator and critic Hans Ulrich Obrist discusses the role of art in climate communications and activism

A wide-ranging discussion with Hans Ulrich Obrist on ecology and contemporary art. Hans discusses his work as at the Serpentine Gallery in London which has made an important commitment to ecology. He highlights the  Gallery’s ongoing exploration of an idea of communion with the environment through is exhibitions and activities—and how he has been inspired by the work of artist and political activist Gustav Metzger. Hans also explores the potential fo climate and environmental art –and the role of the avante garde– within an increasingly financialised global art market.


Hans Ulrich Obrist is a Swiss art curator, critic and historian of art. He is artistic director at the Serpentine Galleries, London, which has embedded environmental and ecological concerns across its programmes and activities– and research around ecology and climate change. He is the author of The Interview Project, an extensive ongoing project of interviews: so far, some 2000 hours of interviews have been recorded. He is also co-editor of the Cahiers d’Art review. He recently edited the book 140 Artists’ Ideas for Planet Earth.