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Episode 16: Interview with Ericsson’s Elaine Weidman-Grunewald: Ericsson’s sustainability journey

Ericsson has been at the forefront of corporate sustainability initiatives for many years- and will publish its 24th annual Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report on March 1 2017.  In this podcast, I speak to Elaine Weidman-Grunewald, Vice President of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility (CR) for the Ericsson Group worldwide about the company’s sustainability journey. Elaine’s work is focused on driving Ericsson’s sustainability and CR initiatives and she is head of Ericsson Response, the company’s flagship employee volunteer program for humanitarian and disaster response, and is responsible for partnerships that explore using Ericsson’s core technology to solve compelling sustainable development challenges facing the world.

 In this interview, Elaine talks about Ericsson’s sustainability journey-it’s three key stages–and the work it has done to integrate sustainability deeply within the business. She explains how senior leaders at Ericsson have worked with the SDG goals –each of the executive leadership team is ambassador for an SDG goal–and how it has begun to cascade throughout the company. Elaine shows how the company’s sustainability initiatives have been good for the company–particularly in terms of employee engagement-and talks frankly about some of the more challenging sustainability decisions that the company has had to make. Finally, Elaine talks about the company’s Technology for Good programme and highlights some recent initiatives.

 Elaine paints a compelling picture of how a leading technology company is putting its sustainability values into practice, highlighting what can be achieved when sustainability values are embraced across a company’s senior leadership team.

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