Episode 171: Interview with Dr Jeffrey Kiehl, climate scientist and Jungian analyst.

In this fascinating interview, first aired April 13th 2021, Dr. Jeffrey Kiehl brings to bear two very different ways of thinking about climate change: the scientific and the psychological—and his journey as an experienced climate scientist to bring these different perspectives together. Jeffrey explains the essential features of a depth psychological perspective, why he believes this is essential today, helping us understand why we have failed to take action on climate change–and the roots of climate denial. Jeffrey identifies the shortcomings of taking a purely rational approach to climate change, why it is important to understand ways of thinking that are not purely rational, that are imagistic—based on a deeper understanding of the unconscious. He also talks about the emerging field of eco-psychology, an interdisciplinary field that focuses on the synthesis of ecology and psychology. 


Dr. Jeffrey Kiehl is a senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in the United States, and an adjunct professor at UC Santa Cruz, and he has carried out research on climate change for some 40 years. Jeffrey is also a Jungian analyst and his main interests today are in the areas of eco-psychology, a field that focuses on the synthesis of ecology and psychology and the promotion of sustainability. Jeffrey is the author of the book Facing climate change: an integrative path to the future, which provides a Jungian perspective on climate change.