Episode 176: Interview with Mike Davis, CEO of pioneering campaigning NGO, Global Witness, on their work unmasking global corruption, safeguarding the environment, and advocating for human rights.

In this revealing interview, Mike Davis CEO of pioneering campaigning NGO Global Witness provides an in-depth look at the work of the organization which is committed to uncovering and addressing human rights and environmental violations across the globe. Mike highlights the organization’s intricate investigative strategies used to reveal the interplay of corruption, misuse of power, and industrial practices in sectors such as oil, gas, and mining. He highlights Global Witnesses commitment to independence and agility-which he sees as essential to be able to swiftly respond to global challenges. Mike also provides a glimpse into the future of Global Witness with discussions about their newer campaigns focused on equitable use of critical minerals for green technology and their initiatives to expose the undue influence of oil and gas companies on politics and economies. Fascinating insights into the work a highly effective campaigning NGO. 

Mike Davis is CEO of Global Witness, a pioneering campaigning NGO that has worked for some thirty years to expose the environmental and human rights abuses by some of the world’s biggest companies and most powerful political figures. It has campaigned against the exploitation of the earth’s natural resources, the destruction of indigenous peoples, and corruption that has siphoned billions of dollars from the poorest countries – working to break the links between natural resource exploitation, conflict, poverty, corruption, and human rights abuses worldwide. It has offices in London and Washington,