Episode 190: Dr. Xander Dunlap discusses how current environmental policies and “green” technologies are perpetuating ecological destruction.

In this thought-provoking interview, Xander Dunlap argues that current environmental policies and “green” technologies are perpetuating ecological destruction under the guise of sustainability. He contends that solutions like solar and wind energy are wedded to capitalism and leading to increased mining, extractivism, and social control. Dunlap calls for a fundamental rethinking of how we live, advocating for grassroots movements to create more liberated, self-sufficient communities that work in harmony with local ecosystems. He emphasizes the importance of acting locally while resisting the forces of industrial modernity. Throughout the interview, Dunlap provides a powerful critique of corporate greenwashing and state-driven false solutions to the environmental crisis.

Dr. Xander Dunlap is a research fellow at the Institute of Global Sustainability, Boston University. Alexander has examined the political ecology of low-carbon technologies, extractive development and police-military transformations in Mexico, Germany, Peru, France, Spain & Portugal. Currenlty a co-editor at Human Geography, Alexander also serve on the editorial boards Energy Research & Social Science, the Journal of Political Ecology & Globalizations. His most recent book, just published, it This system is killing us: Land Grabbing, the Green Economy and Ecological Conflict is available at Pluto books and other online sites.