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Episode 93: Interview with Eva Gladek, CEO of Metabolic and circular economy leader

In this episode we speak with Eva Gladek, founder and CEO of Metabolic, and a leader in the space of circular economies. She talks about the importance of resilience especially in times of crisis as we’re experiencing now with COVID-19. Eva talks about the importance of taking a systems approach to the problems we are now facing–outlining key elements of this approach–at the heart of the book that she is currently completing. Eva highlights the critical importance of circular approaches to business-and the powerful results that can be achieved. Finally, she discusses how the current crisis might be a catalyst for us to reassess the way our economic social systems work and perhaps enabling substantial reform.Eva Gladek is the founder and CEO of Metabolic, a consulting, research, and venture building firm focused on tackling global sustainability challenges and advancing a circular economy. She has worked with organizations in nearly every economic sector, from progressive cities and NGOs, to industry leaders. Eva welcomes the most complex sustainability questions from any sector with an approach grounded in science and systems thinking.Over the last 10 years, Eva Gladek has developed broadly-adopted methodologies for systems transformation, the circular economy, and sustainable design. She speaks at forums and events around the world, sharing her vision to accelerate a collective greater impact, and is considered a top influencer in sustainability in the Netherlands, a country recognized as leading the transition to the circular economy. Eva works to create an economic system that benefits everyone. She has a master’s in industrial environmental management from Yale University and a bachelor’s in molecular biology from Amherst College.The post Episode 93: Interview with Eva Gladek, CEO of Metabolic and circular economy leader appeared first on The Sustainability Agenda.