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Episode 175: Dr. Samantha Montano: Understanding Emergency Management in the Climate Change Era

In this episode, Dr Samantha Montano, an expert in disaster policy, discusses the U.S.’s approach to emergency management, specifically...

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Episode 174: Interview with Professor Daniel Aldrich on resilience and the importance of social capital in post-disaster recovery, first aired October 2021

Episode 173: Interview with Scottish author Martin MacInnes on contemporary literature and the climate crisis

In-depth, frank, and fascinating exploration of contemporary literature’s response to current environmental crises, with Scottish writer Martin MacInnes, author...

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Episode 172: Professor Neta Crawford discusses the emissions of the Pentagon — the world’s largest single greenhouse gas emitter.

In this eye-opening interview, Professor Neta Crawford discusses the research in her new book The Pentagon, Climate Change, and...

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Episode 171: Interview with Dr Jeffrey Kiehl, climate scientist and Jungian analyst.

In this fascinating interview, first aired April 13th 2021, Dr. Jeffrey Kiehl brings to bear two very different ways...

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Episode 170: Interview with renowned climate scientist Will Steffen, first aired in June 2020, on the dangers of “tipping cascades” that could pose an existential threat to civilization.

Episode 169: Interview with environmental anthropologist Peter Sutoris on new models for schooling and environmental activism.

In this inspiring interview, Peter Sutoris shares the results of his research into grassroots environmental activism and education--and provides...

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Episode 168: Veteran activist Stephen Corry, former CEO of Survival International, provides a coruscating analysis of the outcome of COP15