Episode 115: Interview with John Clark, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Loyola University, director of La Terre Institute for Community and Ecology

John Clark is Professor Emeritus at Loyola University, and director of La Terre Institute for Community and Ecology, and author. his latest book is Between Earth and Empire: From the Necrocene to the Beloved Community. In this wide-ranging and hard-hitting discussion, John analyses the roots of the environmental plight we are facing— what he calls the Necrocene- a period of mass extinction and reversal. He explores the roots of the problems through Murray Bookchin’s Social Ecology, and he considers the revitalising potential of communities to fuel creativity and regeneration-a recurring theme throughout this discussion -as he calls out for a  revolutionary communitarian approach to the problems we are facing. John also discusses what we can learn from Buddhist teachings on impermanence, and also highlights some lessons from indigenous communities in how we relate to nature.