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Episode 89: Interview with Naomi Klein, author and activist

In this episode we speak with Naomi Klein, renowned author and activist on the state of crisis we’re in and the hope provided by Green New Deals. We’ve made a lot of progress in lifting the importance of climate change in the progressive political agenda, but Naomi explains that we can’t just apply a narrow, technocratic solution. We need a solution that puts social, racial and gender justice at the center. She describes the power of a science-justice-guided approach, and the danger of a hierarchy-based worldview we must fight against.

Naomi Klein is an award-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author. She is Senior Correspondent for The Intercept, a Puffin Writing Fellow at Type Media Center and is the inaugural Gloria Steinem Endowed Chair in Media, Culture and Feminist Studies at Rutgers University.

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