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Exploring today's sustainability questions with leading experts.

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Episode 13: Professor Paul Ekins| Smart regulation, new technologies and carbon taxation

Little had been written on the role of environmental taxes when Paul Ekins wrote The Living Economy in1986. Since that time we have learnt a lot more about the potential role of taxation in dealing with climate change, yet there has been relatively little

Episode 12: Tessa Tennant | The future of green finance

After several false starts, many experts now believe that the green finance sector is at a tipping point. Investors are paying attention to ESG factors as never before, there is an explosion of investor interest in green bonds, and195 countries adopted th

Episode 11: Douglas Rushkoff | How the digital revolution undermines sustainability–and some proposals for a fairer more sustainable world

Author, media theorist, professor, activist: Douglas Rushkoff wears many hats. At the heart of his work is a recurring theme: how to redevelop society to better serve humans. In this episode, Douglas discusses his latest book, Throwing Rocks at the Google

Episode 10: Paul Dickinson | The crucial importance of corporate climate change data

Paul Dickinson founded CDP, formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project, in 2000 with a vision to help the global economic system operate within sustainable environmental boundaries, and to prevent dangerous climate change.  CDP manages a data platform that ga

Episode 9: Aron Cramer | Corporate sustainability – past progress and future questions

BSR has been providing socially responsible business solutions to many of the world’s leading companies for almost 25 years, working with 250 member companies around the world to create a more just and sustainable global economy. In this podcast, BSR CEO

Episode 8: Professor John Kay | The real meaning of sustainability

John Kay is one of Britain’s leading economists and has a long-standing interest in the relationships between business and society; he has been writing about responsible business, the role of stakeholders, and business and society for several decades. In

Episode 7: Professor CB Bhattacharya | How to integrate sustainability into the business

In this episode of the Sustainability Agenda, Professor CB Bhattacharya, one of the word’s leading sustainability researchers, gives his perspective on his evolution of corporate sustainability over recent decades. Professor Bhattacharya discusses his lat

Episode 6: Hazel Henderson| The future of sustainability

When it comes to getting a perspective on the future of sustainability, who better to speak to than renowned author, futurist and sustainability pioneer Hazel Henderson. A long-time pioneer promoting the integration of environmental and social considerati

Episode 5: Mardi McBrien | Why we need to integrate climate change-related information into mainstream financial reporting

It took many decades over the early 20th Century for a standardised way of presenting financial information to investors to evolve. A similar process is now under way in an effort to include non-financial information in mainstream accounts. But we have to